Euro-Mediterranean Network of Conference Interpreters




The Euro-Mediterranean Network of Conference Interpreters (ENCI) is an independent organisation that brings together conference interpreting professionals from across Europe and the Mediterranean basin, who have joined forces to offer their services based on the principle of professional excellence.

Our network is made up of professional, highly qualified interpreters working in the main European languages, as well as in Middle Eastern and Asian languages.

The interpreters who are part of ENCI have been educated at the best interpretation schools, and most of them hold a Master's degree in Conference Interpreting. Many of our interpreters belong to the main professional associations in the industry, while others are accredited by international bodies such as the United Nations and the European Union.

"Our common goal: the success of your event.."

Every day, our interpreters provide interpretation services at high-level international events organised by governments, public administrations and private companies from Europe, Africa and Asia, and by institutions such as the UN, UNICEF, FAO and the World Bank.

The professionals at ENCI are experts in a wide range of topics and subject matters. This level of specialisation, together with in-depth linguistic and cultural knowledge, mastery of interpreting techniques, careful preparation and research, and respect of professional ethics, enables us to deliver a service of excellence at events of all kinds, facilitating fluent communication and enabling understanding between people of different languages and socio-cultural backgrounds.


The Euro-Mediterranean Network of Conference Interpreters was created with the aim of ensuring the highest standards of service and quality in conference interpreting through a select team of interpreters with a solid background and extensive professional experience. Through our union, we offer top-quality interpreting services in various languages and promote optimal working conditions in our profession.

All our interpreters abide by the Code of Professional Ethics of AIIC, the International Association of Conference Interpreters. In addition, ENCI complies with the new ISO 23155:2022 standard, which specifies the requirements and recommendations for the provision of conference interpreting services.

interpretacion consecutiva


The Euro-Mediterranean Network of Conference Interpreters specialises in the management, coordination and provision of interpretation services in all modalities:

In simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter sits in a soundproof booth in front of a microphone, listening to the speaker through headphones and translating their speech in real time into the target language for the audience, who listen via headsets. This type of interpreting is the most suitable for high-level multilingual conferences, congresses and seminars, where smooth and immediate communication is required.

Simultaneous interpreting

In consecutive interpreting, the speaker speaks for some time while the interpreter listens and takes notes. When the speaker pauses, the interpreter reproduces the speech in the target language accurately. This technique is ideal for events with a limited number of participants, such as interviews, business meetings, press conferences and formal ceremonies.

Liaison interpreting is a type of consecutive interpreting that is used in ad-hoc situations or in more relaxed contexts, where a bilingual person is needed to facilitate understanding between the different speakers. This interpretation variety is used in activities such as site visits, training workshops and informal dinners.

Remote interpreting (also known as distance interpreting) is provided at online or hybrid events, through videoconferencing applications such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams, or through the various remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) platforms available on the market. This kind of interpreting is the ideal solution when participants are in different geographical locations and are connected remotely.

There are other types of interpreting that cover more specific needs, such as whispered interpreting, legal interpreting, etc.

ENCI’s highly skilled interpreters are prepared to work in any of these interpretation settings, and will convey your words and ideas faithfully to help you overcome the language barrier.

Our consultant interpreters advise clients on the type of interpreting best suited to their needs, and assist them in the planning and organisation of the event to ensure its success.

In addition, we can take care of all the logistics required for conference interpreting; we collaborate with the main audiovisual services companies for the supply and assembly of interpreting equipment (approved interpreting booths, consoles, receivers, sound and video equipment, etc.), which allows us to offer a comprehensive service at competitive conditions.

We also have our own portable simultaneous interpreting equipment, which allows clients to benefit from a mobile simultaneous interpreting service at small events with just one language pair, without the need to install booths and at a low cost.

  • Are you organising an international conference with speakers of different languages?

  • Are you looking for a team of interpreters for your company's next Annual General Meeting or European Works Council?   

  • Would you like to hold an online meeting or webinar in several languages?

  • Are you receiving a visit from a foreign delegation and require the services of an accredited interpreter?

  • Are you preparing for an international arbitration and need the support of a seasoned interpreter with a perfect command of the protocols of this type of procedure?

Whatever the case, our interpreters will offer an impeccable service and dedicated customer support.

Just get in touch with us and we will advise you on the best interpreting solution for you.


The interpreters at the Euro-Mediterranean Network of Conference Interpreters work on a daily basis at conferences, congresses, meetings, seminars, workshops and other multilingual events on a wide range of subjects, from politics, cooperation and development to science and the environment, and from finance and international law to new technologies, art and culture.

  • World political summits
  • Scientific (medical, pharma, veterinary) congresses
  • Business meetings
  • Board meetings of large multinationals
  • Trade fairs
  • Corporate or promotional events
  • Training courses for employees
  • International audits
  • Legal proceedings
  • Global sporting or cultural events
  • Press conferences
  • Live TV and radio broadcasts


ENCI’s interpreters work from and into the major European, Middle Eastern and Asian languages:


• Bulgarian • Czech • Danish • Dutch • English • Estonian • Finnish • French • German • Greek • Hungarian • Italian • Latvian • Lithuanian • Maltese • Norwegian • Polish • Portuguese • Romanian • Russian • Serbo-Croatian • Slovak • Slovenian • Spanish • Swedish • Ukrainian

Middle East

• Arabic • Hebrew • Kurdish • Persian • Turkish


• Chinese • Filipino • Hindi • Indonesian • Japanese • Korean • Thai • Vietnamese



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